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Saunas for Every Setting
You can install a sauna virtually anywhere. Why not make use of a spare room, converting it into a sauna and relaxation area? It’s ideal if you can combine it with direct access to a conservatory, for example. Or use the basement – the perfect place for a sauna with its own adjacent exercise room.
Bathrooms, of course, are the obvious choice. With this in mind Aspen uses Tylo’s
experience of sauna designs specifically developed for integration into existing bathrooms.
For larger spaces we have luxuriously appointed rooms with plenty of space for the whole family to relax in style, or socialise in the sauna with friends and relatives.

Sauna Rooms
Aspen Saunas has a range of prefabricated sauna rooms in sizes, style, layouts and wooden finishes to suit most situations.You’ll always find what you’re looking for in the Aspen range. That’s because, if you don’t, we will build it for you – exactly the way you want.
Sometimes it is more appropriate for the sauna to be integrated into your home. This can be included at the time of construction, or built-in to a suitable area in your existing home.

Please contact us for a standard or specially designed sauna complying with Tylo’s recommendations, for your home, club, fitness centre, pool complex.

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Advisory and Design Service

Complete Installation Service

30 Years experience with Sauna equipment

Quality Timbers

Rooms freestanding or built-in
to match existing décor/environment

Standard and custom designs

Heaters by Tylo of Sweden, widely recognised as
the world’s leading sauna manufacturer.

Wide range of Accessories

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