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Saunas at their Sizzling best

After searching the world for the best heaters, Aspen Saunas exclusively installs heaters manufactured by Tylo AB in Sweden.
Tylo sauna heaters are in a class of their own. A deep stone compartment specially optimised to the heat output, integral humidifiers and a simple yet ingenious water reservoir to maintain the ideal sauna climate under all conditions, are unique features that make sauna-bathing with Tylo a luxury to look forward to. The heaters have a triple-skinned construction with an all over, velvet smooth Thermosafe covering on the front and sides. And to crown it all, Tylo is the only sauna manufacturer to produce its own heating elements.

For traditional home saunas there are the Tylo Sport and Compact heaters – all with integral control panels – or the Tylo S models with separate control units. Control systems allow delayed turn-on up to 9 hours, and running time up to 3 hours with automatic switch off.
For public facilities nothing beats the Tylo SD with separate control panels, some having an energy-saving stand-by function.

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Heaters by Tylo of Sweden, widely recognised as
the world’s leading sauna manufacturer.

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Heater Models
Output kW
Sauna Room Volume cu. m
Compact 2/4
2.2 - 4.5
1.2 – 5
Sport 6
4 – 8
Sport 8
6 – 12
6 – 12
10 – 18
15 - 35

For electricity supply 230V single phase or 400V three phase.

Please enquire about other sizes, styles and functions.

Best in Test.
Time and time again Tylo has scored top marks in Finnish sauna tests. Tylo was first awarded the coveted ‘Best in Test’ accolade in competition with seven Finnish heaters in 1982. A test published in Kuluttaja magazine (No. 5, 1995) confirmed that Tylo also has the quickest heating up time and lowest energy consumption. A SEMKO test in April 1999 confirmed this result.

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