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Wooden Bucket, 5 litres

Copper Ladle, wooden handle

Wooden Ladle, Classic

Thermometer, round, glass dial

Hygrometer, round, glass dial

Fragrance Concentrate, Pine

Fragrance Concentrate, Eucalyptus

Sauna Lamp, 40W

Wooden Lampshades, various styles

Lighting, various styles

Headrests, various styles

Benches, various styles

Sauna Mist Fragrant Essence Concentrate. 1 litre & 5 litre. Dilute 10:1 in sprinkling water


We welcome your contact for advice or general discussion on sauna. Please contact us at;


Fax; 0-3-385 7745

Telephone; 0-3-385 7725

Post; P O Box 35100, Christchurch 8640


with brief initial details of your requirement, such as

- dimensions/space available

- whether indoors/outdoors

- location



Aspen Saunas Limited
P O Box 35100, CHRISTCHURCH 8640. New Zealand.
Telephone 0-3-385 7725. Fax: 0-3-385 7745.Email: