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Aspen Saunas Limited was established to provide a complete service to specifiers and users. Our staff have more than 30 years prior experience in design, manufacturing, and installation of saunas in New Zealand.

After searching the world for the best there was no doubt that Tylo AB of Sweden were the leaders in design, manufacture and operation of sauna equipment, something they have been doing since they invented the electric sauna heater in 1952.

Now, Aspen Saunas provides rooms in accordance with Tylo principles, and installs exclusively Tylo Sauna heaters, allowing New Zealanders to benefit from Tylo’s high standards of function and safety.

Interior walls and ceilings are of beautiful imported sauna panels specially made by Tylo from Nordic spruce. Cedar and other selected timbers are available on request.
Final appearance, trim and fittings can reflect your individuality through several equipment levels from Standard through to VIP.
Detailed attention is given to ventilation following Tylo’s design requirements to achieve air flow/changes, comfort and safety.

The heart of any sauna is the heater, and the control panel its brain. With innovations such as divided output, an extra deep stone compartment, integral humidifiers, heat directors and Thermosafe covering, the Tylo name has become synonymous with high quality saunas the world over. For sauna bathers this means practical advantages in the form of the lowest energy consumption, the quickest heating-up times, the best water-sprinkling effect and the safest outer casing temperatures.
Tylo is the only sauna manufacturer to produce its own tubular heating elements, widely regarded as unsurpassed.

Aspen Saunas offers a generous choice of accessories including a selection of lamps, wooden buckets, ladles, thermometers and fragrances.

It is our pleasure to assist with advice and design of a sauna to meet your requirements, and we welcome your enquiries.

Tylo, Thermosafe, Tylo Sport, Tylo Compact, and the Tylo Logo are registered trademarks of Tylo AB, and are used with their permission.


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