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Saunas – Relaxation for Body and Soul

Nothing compares with a sauna. The soothing warmth, the occasional ladle of water sprinkled over sizzling hot stones, that unique sensation as wave after wave of heat massages its way deep into your skin. Your muscles relax, your body unwinds as stress disappears and tension evaporates.

Quality is the Word

Today, installing a sauna at home is no longer beyond the reach of most families. Aspen sauna rooms come in a wide choice of sizes and designs.
Regardless of the style of room, Aspen Saunas manufactures sauna rooms strictly to Tylo of Sweden’s specifications/recommendations developed from more than 50 years experience of successful installations.
Interior walls and ceilings are of beautiful specially made sauna panels of Nordic spruce. Cedar and a variety of other selected timbers are available on request.


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Complete Installation Service

30 Years experience with Sauna equipment

Quality Timbers

Rooms freestanding or built-in
to match existing décor/environment

Standard and custom designs

Heaters by Tylo of Sweden, widely recognised as
the world’s leading sauna manufacturer.

Wide range of Accessories

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Ask us about Steam rooms and generators.

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